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Hide Apps on your Android Phone

Your Smartphone is one of the most precious things you have these days and the most important thing is your data. Surely you don’t want to share all your data with everyone. The other reason you want to find a way to hide apps on your Smartphone is that these days smartphones come with a lot of preinstalled apps that even can’t be removed and you have to believe these apps do cause frustration when you are badly searching for an App. Yes, these things do happen as you don’t want to see things that you don’t use often. Sometimes you don’t want others to see all the apps you use when you give them your phone. So, what are the ways to hide Apps in an Android Smartphone?

Generally, Samsung phones come with the feature to hide Apps built in and you don’t need to use any third party apps. One way is to root your android Smartphone and install some custom ROM on your phone and you will have the option to hide Apps in settings. But that’s a complicated procedure. Not every one of you will be able to root your Android Smartphone. So we will look for other options that everyone can use. So other options could use app hiding Apps which may not be free and you have to pay for them. The last option we would we discussing and look at all the steps to do the same. You can hide Apps by installing launchers like Apex and Nova. The Hide App option in Nova is only available in Nova Pro version which is not free but in Apex launcher is available in basic version only. So the steps go as:

1. Install Apex launcher from Google Play store.

2. After installing, go to Apex settings and then go to Drawer Settings.

3. The first option you would see is “Hidden Apps.”

4. Mark the Apps you want to hide and just click save and you would not see these apps in your Smartphone until you again unhide the Apps.

So this is one of the most used and easy method to hide Apps in your Android Smartphone. Do use this if you want to hide Apps in your Smartphone and do share your feedback in the comments below.


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