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Extract Email ids from your own Gmail Account

Google’s Gmail is one of the most used mail service used in the world. Gmail provides many features but today we will look at a way to extract all the email ids or we can say email addresses which ever interacted with your own email id. The question arises why do we need to extract the email addresses? Sometimes we need to find the email addresses of a person but you don’t remember the email address. The process is very easy. You just need to install a Google chrome extension that will do the task for you. So we will start the steps to be followed.


1. Download an extension called Email Address Extractor in the chrome browser and install the extension.

2. You need to sign in with the Gmail id whose Email addresses you want to extract and you need to give proper account permissions to it.

3. Now go to add on and add a new add on there and search for Email Extractor in the search box and add plugin in the sheet.

4. Plugin gets added to the add-on section and click on it and click Start to start the extraction.
5. On the right panel of the extractor, fill in the criteria for your search filter which specifies from where you wanted to extract, specify email keyword, subject keyword and received or sent email options.

6. Click on extract option after specifying everything.
7. On the left hand side, you will see the results.

Wasn’t that too easy? Yes it was. You now have the email addresses of the people you wanted. You simply used an add on and you got the results. No softwares and no long procedures. Do try this and do share your feedbacks in the comments down below.


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