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Change Icon Names on your Android Home screen

Android by default does not gives you option to change the name of icons on your Android home screen. What happens is that when you install an App, a shortcut of the App is created on the home screen. But the question arises, do we need this? This totally depends on the user but what it adds is a customization feature. So how we gonna do this. An App called “QuickShortcutMaker” will help us do so.

So looking at the steps:

1. Go to Google Playstore of your Android Phone and download App called “QuickShortcutMaker” available for free.

2. After the installation is complete you will see list of Apps installed on your Android Phone.

3. Now you need to choose the App you want to change the name and Tap on it.

4. The entire information regarding the App will be displayed on the screen and you need to look for the option called Change the label.

5. Now a pop up box would be shown and you need to fill the name you want to change to and simply click OK. Here i am renaming my WhatsApp App to MyChat.

6. Now look for a create option that will create the shortcut for your App and you need to set the ranking of the App to display the App in the App drawer.

And that’s all. Your App is renamed. What it adds is customization according to you. Try this and give your Android Smartphone a new look. Do share your feedback in the comments down below. 


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