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Are you frustrated of your Windows displaying error “Windows Not Genuine”? Simply Fix it.

Are you using a pirated Windows version? Are you frustrated of error showing “Windows not Genuine”? Yes the truth is that many users these days use pirated version of Windows instead of paying extra bucks to Microsoft to buy the original one. The difference between the two is that you don’t get updates for the pirated version. But what we talking about is not the difference between the pirated and the original version of Windows. What we are talking about is the way to fix Windows not genuine error. So how we are going to do that? We will look at two ways of doing so. There may be more methods for doing the same thing but we would be look at the easiest ones.

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So the first one is:
1.  Go to windows icon and search for cmd. When you find it, just right click on that and click on “Run as Administrator.”

2. You will see a black screen and there you need to type SLMGR –REARM (type same as written with space only between R and hash) and press enter.

3. After this you will see a dialogue box displaying “Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect.”  After restart you won’t get the same errors.

If the first one does not go right for you try the second one. It’s also very easy. So the steps are:

1.  Go to Control panel from your Windows icon.

2.  Go to System and check for Windows update and click on installed updates.

3.  Now you need to look for KB971033 update. Right click on that and uninstall that.

4.  It will show a pop-up message, simply say Yes.

5.  Restart the system.

Now you should not get any error showing Windows not genuine. Also disable the automatic update option in control panel and never check for updates. It will not let the same error come back. Do come back with your comments and feedbacks after you resolve this error.


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