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Activate God Mode on Windows 7,8,10

Do you know what God Mode in Windows is? Actually Windows have two Control Panels. One you be familiar with if you have ever used Windows and God Mode is the second one. God mode is the control Panel which provides users with more than 260 settings and these settings are also in a particular location. Actually God Mode in Windows gives access to settings which we can’t access in normal Windows mode. We can make changes in Windows according to our wish. God Mode was introduced in 2007 and works for Windows 7 and higher versions. Now we will see the way to activate God Mode and trust me its Dam too easy.


1. Go to your desktop and right click and make a new folder.

2. You need to right click on the new folder created and click on Rename and paste this name.     


3. After you press enter, you will see icon changed to icon like Control Panel.

4. You need to double click on the icon to access the God Mode with 260+ settings.

Now God mode is active. Modify your system as you want. Do try this and share your feedbacks in the comments down below. 


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30 November 2016 at 18:55

Wow... Never know there is a god mode in Windows until now. ;)