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Wanna know world’s most dangerous computer virus!!

We are all familiar with computer viruses. Trojan horse and worms are most common viruses which almost everyone has seen in their computer, hard drives or pen drives. But are you familiar with most dangerous viruses? One of them may exist in your computer but you won’t be aware of that. The viruses we would be talking about may even not even be detected by popular Ant viruses. They can turn your computer into a whole disaster. These malwares have already harmed and damaged a lot of big organisational infrastructure and resulted in billions of loss.

 So the viruses we would be talking about are:


Only the name of the virus is sweet not its character. ILOVEYOU is the most dangerous virus this computer industry has ever seen. The virus has wrecked computer systems all over the world and you would be shocked to know that it has affected almost 10% of systems connected to the internet and caused damaged of almost $11 billion. Just by these stats, you can image how dangerous is this virus. It was so harmful that many of the government and large corporations made their mailing system offline just to protect their system from their systems from this. This virus comes as a mail with ILOVEYOU.


There is a funny story about the name of the virus. It was invented in 2001 by two eEye Digital Security employees. They were drinking code red mountain dew at the time of invention and named it Code Red. This virus mostly affected computer systems with Microsoft ISS web server installed causing a buffer overflow problem. It makes multiple copies of itself. The most memorable symptom that this virus leaves behind on web pages is “Hacked by Chinese.” It resulted in a loss of about $2 billion.

3. Melissa:

It was created by David L. Smith in 1999 and named it after an exotic dancer from Florida. The virus began as a word document which claimed to have passwords to many of the popular porn websites. The doc was downloaded by many and opened and infected the systems.

4. Sasser:

It was created by a computer science student Sven Jaschan in 2004. He also created Netsky worm. It generally slows down and even crashes your computer. This virus also infected many critical infrastructure services such as news agencies, hospitals, public transport, airlines etc. The damaged which took place was about $19 billion which is huge.

5. Zeus:

Zeus is a Trojan horse virus made for Windows platform and the main reason behind it was to perform various criminal tasks. The common criminal tasks were form grabbing and man in the browser keylogging. It infected many large multinational corporations and banks such as Oracle, Amazon, Cisco, Bank of America etc. It compromised many FTP accounts and was first found in 2009. Around 1 million computers were infected in US alone and about $70 million were stolen. About 100 people were arrested as they were found connected to this steal.

So these were the most dangerous viruses of the world that have infected many large organisations and resulted in big losses. So next time you find any viruses on your computers, pray it is not one of them. They can damage your systems entirely and common Ant viruses won’t be able to detect them.


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