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Tired of your slow internet connection, Increase the speed of your current internet plan to 500 mbps for Free

In this era of technology, internet is an essential thing to have. This is the time when one can live by skipping his onetime meal but can’t live without the internet. 21st century the time when everything has come online can’t be imagined without the internet. But are of tired of your slow internet connection?  High-speed internet comes with high price!! But you know there is a free solution to this huge problem without any extra costs. Yes, you read right. There is a website called Rabb.it which would help you to do this. Rabb.it acts as a remote desktop with a browser. It can increase your internet speed such that you will get 500 Mbps download speed and 2000 Mbps as your upload speed. Talking about other benefits of Rabb.it, you can videos on YouTube, online streaming channels like Netflix; you can chat with voice and video. Before starting with the process, what you require? An internet connection is required for at least 1 Mbps speed and a PC or laptop with Chrome 50 and above or Android phone with 4.1 or above version.

So let’s start with the steps:

1. Go to rabb.it in your Web browser

2. Sign Up with a new account or Facebook.

3. You will three options. Select Messages only.

4. Then select decide what to watch.

5. You can choose either YouTube or Netflix or enter the URL.

6. What you will see is a remote desktop on your browser.

7. Give a speed test by entering speedtest.net.

So we have completed the process and will be waiting for your feedbacks. Do comment and share this post so everyone can enjoy high-speed internet.


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