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Most Popular hackers of all time

Hackers have been popular since the computers generated. But today we will look at some of the most popular hackers of all time. These were the hackers who challenged the most secure systems of the world and entered into them through their extra ordinary intelligence. Some of them are:

1. Kevin Mitnick: He was called as the “the most wanted computer criminal in US history” by US Department of Justice. He was so popular that two featured movies were made on him. He hacked Digital Equipment Corporation’s Network. He breached national defence warning system and stole corporate secrets. He went to jail for 5 years after this. After this, he became public computer security speaker. He currently runs Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC.

2. Jonathan James: He was called “Comrade of Internet”. At the age of fifteen, he hacked networks of Bell South, Miami Dade, US Department of Defence and above all NASA. Yes, you read right. This person went into NASA’s network and downloaded assets of worth $1.7 million. After that, NASA had to shut down their network for three weeks for investigation which cost them a loss of $41,000 . In 2008, he committed suicide.

3. Kevin Poulsen: He was known as “Dark Dante of Internet”. He hacked a radio station phone line and fixed himself as the winning caller, which earned him a new Porsche. He also hacked federal systems and stole wiretap information. He was caught in a Supermarket and was sentenced to 51 months prison. He also changed his ways after being released from prison. He entered Journalism and currently is one of the senior most editors in wired news.

4. Albert Gonzalez: He is the hacker who was mainly behind money. You would be shocked after reading this. He collected over 170 million credit cards and ATM card numbers within two years. He also fabricated fraudulent passports, health insurance cards for crimes which resulted in theft of $4.3 million. He hacked the databases of TJX companies for credit cards and sentenced to 20 years of prison.

5. Gary McKinnon: He was popularly known by his internet handle “solo”. He did largest military hack of all time. He illegally accessed 97 computers of U.S. Armed forces and NASA. He on his part claimed that he was just searching for some information on free energy suppression and UFO activity cover-ups. But U.S. government holds him responsible for deleting critical files and some other important data costing $700,000. He still is fighting for extradition against the United States government.

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26 September 2016 at 18:37

What about Agd_Scorp, Zombie_Ksa, SQL_Master, 4chrf, 1337, Shin0bi H4x0r, J0keroo, rEmOtEr, 1337, Kerem125, Gsy & M0sted?