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Make Android safe for your kids!!

Every time your kid uses your phone or tablet to play games or just for fun, you are in fear of losing your stuff. Isn’t that true? Yes, it is. You even won’t them to have their personal tabs or phones because that may be too early for them to explore the Android which entirely may not be safe for them. They even don’t have the skill to use Android which may even lead to damage of device. Just, for example, your kid knows nothing about Android and he by mistake make changes in system settings which may lead to some problems or even result in loss of important data or even damage the device. So the question comes, what to do? How could you make Android safe for kids because you actually can’t stop kids from using them, it’s very common these days. Your kid may insist you to buy him a tab for playing games or even ask for your phone or tab to play games which can’t be resisted sometimes as kids not agree too early which everyone knows. The solution to this problem is making the use of Android safe for your kids. Following this, both you and your kids will be satisfied which is what you want. So, we will look at some ways to make Android safe for kids. We will start with easiest ways and go to more advanced ways and you can choose depending upon your need.

Pinning the screen:

This is one of the best features of Android by Google launched in Android version 5.0 and now comes in every version after 5.0 i.e. Android Lollipop. This App helps you pin a single App on the phone or tab screen and restrict access to everything else. You don’t need to create any new accounts and lock settings and other important Apps. The process of pining App is:

·        Go to settings of your Android Phone

·        Go to Security option and tap on it.

·        Scrolling down would take you to Screen Pinning as shown above.

·        Tap on it and on it.

But the actual of pinning is different. These steps were only to on the feature of screen pinning which is required only once unless you off it. Now the steps to pin an App are:

·        For pinning an App, just click on the square button on your home screen which actually is called overview button.

·        Then you need to drag the title bar till it comes in the middle of the screen for the App you need to pin as shown with a chess game App above.

·        Tap on a blue button on the right side of the screen.

·        It will ask for your conformation and even ask if you want any security code to leave the pinned App which you could use if you don’t the child to unpin App himself and access your phone.

Now the process to unpin the App is just hold both the back and overview button together and it will ask you for pin if you have set and will take back to the home screen.

The other ways to make the Android safe is setting up a new account in users and whenever you have switch the accounts and then give them to kids. They want be able to access your Apps and data. Just install the games they want to play their and don’t worry about your data. Another way is just using App lock Apps to lock your important Apps and then give your phones to kids. For allowing safe browsing there are options such as allowing safe browsing. Even blocking the App purchases on Google Playstore is also an option. Choose your way according to how old is the child and do share your feedback in the comments down before.


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