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Irritated of Facebook Game Requests? Simply Block them.

These days for most of us, the most annoying thing on Facebook is the Game Requests. Simple reason people send more requests is that they get more points in their games that means people are not going to stop easily which is a fact. Games like Candy crush and 8 Ball Pool are some of the most popular games on facebook. So we are looking for ways to silence these requests and notifications which are irritating sometimes when you are not interested in those games. We will help you out. We will show you a simple way to do so.

Just follow few simple steps:

1. Login to your facebook and Go to settings.

2. In the Left side you will see an option of “Blocking” in a list of options.

3. Just Scrolling down you will see an option called “Block Apps”

4. Search for the game you want to block and press enter and the game gets blocked.

Wasn’t that too easy? You can block more than one game but for each game you have to enter manually each time. You won’t get any notifications or requests after blocking them. Thus, the problem of irritation gets solved in few simple steps. There is also an option where you could block Game requests from a specific person who sends a lot of requests. When you reach Step 3, there is also an option called “Block invites from”. You can type the name of your friend and game requests from him get blocked. Try this thing and do share your feedback in comment section below.


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