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Hide or Quit inactive Apps automatically in Mac OS X

OS X is a great platform to work on. OS X provides a whole new experience of working or I can rephrase the sentence as it provides a completely smooth functionality. If you are Windows user, I bet you will still love OS X experience though it may take you some time to reach at that point where you love working on OS X. It’s also a simple OS like Windows with a lot of functionalities and provides a pleasurable experience. But this pleasure can be exploited when you get a lot of notifications from applications running in background. 

Just image you are writing an article on your Mac and suddenly some notifications pops out which are totally bullshit about updates or some other useless messages. What you will lose is your concentration with which you were writing. It breaks the entire flow of your working. But we have come with a solution. It’s called Quitter. It is an application which automatically hides or quits apps when they are inactive for a long period of time. That long time is decided by the user that is you. You can set it as 5 min or 1 hr. It totally depends upon you. So we will start with the procedure.

 Install the application in your Mac and open it. You will see a plus sign option in bottom left. When you click on this, you will see list of applications installed on your OS X. Select the applications and you have the option either to hide or quit the application you have selected to automatically get Turn off. There is also an option to enter the time. Just enter the time interval you want the application to get turn off that is either get hidden or gets closed according to the option you have selected. If your application is inactive for that interval then Quitter will play its part.

It’s too easy to use. Do use it if you are a Mac user and do come back with your feedbacks in the comments down below.


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