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Hide .exe files in images

Yes, you read right .exe files can be hidden in images. The question arises why would you do so? Or what’s the need for that? The reason could be to hide important exe files or could be show tricks to your friends or simply try it once how it happens. No tool is required to do so. Just follow these steps and your task is done.

1. Create a new folder anywhere in your computer and paste your exe file in it.

2. Now right click and rename your .exe file and give any name in .jpeg format like virus.jpeg (I gave virus name in case you want your friends to feel it is actually a virus). You will get a pop up box; simply say “YES.”

3. Now you need to create a shortcut for that file. Simply “copy” the file and right click in same folder and select “paste shortcut.”

4. Now you need to rename again the file like from virus.jpeg name it like iloveyou.jpeg (You know ILOVEYOU is the name of most dangerous virus). You can choose any names just keep the extension same as I mention.

5. Now you need to open the properties of the file which we named as iloveyou.jpeg and now make start field empty. In the target field you need to paste the address of exact address of the file which is not the shortcut i.e. virus.jpeg and the full address goes as   F:\AR\virus.jpeg . Do remember this main thing about which address to paste. Now press ok.

6. Now change the icon of iloveyou.jpeg. Just right click and go to properties >change icon and you need to paste %SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll and simply press “OK”.

7. It looks as an image.

That’s done. You can save your .exe files or fool your friends by sending them in compressed form. Remember use a bit heavy names like trojanhorse.jpeg etc. This would really help to make impact or actually help to fool your friends. Do share your feedback in the comments down below as they would be very helpful for us.


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