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Download entire YouTube playlist in a single click.


Are you tired of finding ways to download entire playlist from YouTube? Do you waste a lot of time in downloading a single video at a time instead of downloading entire playlist in a single go?  If yes, you won’t waste your time now. You can download the entire YouTube playlist in a single click without even downloading any software or tool. You don’t believe me? But you will after I show the easiest method of doing the same.  TubeNinja.net is the website which supports downloading YouTube playlists. But you don’t need to go to any website or download any tool. You just need to add “dl” in front of YouTube in your playlist’s URL.
We will look into this method step by step and after reading these steps you would actually believe that it’s a single click download. So the steps are:

1. Open the Playlist you want to download.


2. Add “dl” in front of YouTube in the URL and press Enter as shown in image.

3. It takes to a new webpage which shows the list of videos you want to download.

4. Just press Download.

Your download starts and the process is over.  Also you can go to TubeNinja.net and paste your URL their and click Download. Wasn’t that too easy? You downloaded no tools or neither installed any plugins. Another method that could be used is a command you need to type in cmd. The command is “YouTube-dl -i {video link}.” Just for this Python needs to installed in Your OS which is easy in case of Linux but not in case of Windows and Mac. Yes, there are softwares which you can get on Internet to do the same work. You need to install a lot of plugins along with the software which may be time consuming and more complex process.

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1 June 2017 at 02:47

you can also use this tool https://www.dvdvideosoft.com/guides/how-to-download-youtube-playlist.htm
It's fast and super simple to use!