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Want To Recover Deleted photos from iPhone or iPad? Just Try It.

Photo deleted from your iPhone? Don’t worry we have a solution. We will tell you how to recover your deleted photos from your iPhone or iPad. If you are using iOS 8 it will better easy to recover those removed photos within a minute. You can recover those photos which are deleted within last 30 days.

If by mistake you deleted a photo and want to recover that photo then just follow this way to recover photos.

Firstly, Go back from your app, you will see your photo albums. Go down to your various albums you will find “Recently deleted” album. Just click & open that.


In this folder, photos are available which are deleted from last 30 days. Now you have to select which photo you have to recover.

You can select as many photos as you want to recover from available at the time. After selecting photos just click on button “Recover” and your photos start to restore in your phone.

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Note: Photos only recovered with this procedure, which are deleted within last 30 days. After 30 days, photos permanantly deleted & you will no longer to access these type of photos.

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