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Wanna know your friend’s IP address in seconds? Try this trick

Every computer on a network has a unique number called IP Address. There are ways you can know someone’s Ip. But the question is why you need someone’s IP. Sometimes your friends, enemies and strangers trouble you then you think of hacking their computers. For that first thing you need to know is IP. So, the point is why someone would tell you their IP. Another point is why you would ask someone their IP when you want to hack their computers. Then you would be directly pointed out. There is a way you could know someone’s IP in few seconds.

Process to know someone’s IP:

There are many websites which help you in this. The website we would be talking about is the most simple and gives best results. Whatisthierip.com is an amazing website that generates a link and when someone clicks on the link, you get the person’s IP who clicked on that link with geolocation in your Gmail. Isn’t it simple? You we will look into steps in detail.

Steps to know someone’s IP:

1. Go to website http://www.whatstheirip.com/
2. Enter your Email address as it would be required as you would be getting your friends IP on your email id.

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3. Now you reach a new webpage and four links would be there. You just copy the first link.
4.  Send it to someone who’s IP Address you need. When that person will click on that link, you will get an email which you provided and it will contain IP Address and geolocation of the person who clicked that link.

It hardly takes you seconds to know someone’s IP. You had no need to install any software and you did no hacking. Any one of us can do this. It’s that much simple.

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