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How To Deal With Slow Computer? Quick Tips

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to try out to deal with your windows system that is running slow lately.

Programs in the Background

A very probable reason for slow system is the programs running in the background. For this you need to go to Task Manager to see the programs and see which one needs to be stopped. Type Task Manager in the Cortana of Search Field in Windows system and open the task manager. There are lot of things you can view and act upon here.

Similarly, you can also see the tasks scheduled in your system – which tasks are needed and which are not and decide on what you can do using Task Scheduler.

Remove Temporary Files

Type %temp% in the Search Field or Cortana in your windows system and open or delete temporary files in the temporary folder.

You can also clean up space using Disk Cleanup app. For this, type disk cleanup in the Search Field or Cortana in your Windows system and open the Disk Cleanup app, select the drive that you want to clean up and go on.

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Anti-Virus Scan

If your system in under a virus or malware attack, it is sure that the system will run slow. So, install anti-virus or anti-malware software and carry out regular scans.

Windows Update

Update your windows software to keep the process running smooth.


There are two things that you will need to look into. First is the RAM, which needs keep up with the system requirements and the programs that you use. On a broad scale, 2GB is a minimum for running a 64-bit system. Second, you need to keep some spare space in your hard drive for the system to use for swapping files and temporary files.


Many of the problems in a system are solved with a restart. If your system has not been shut down for a long time, do a reboot.

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