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Extract text from images on Android!!

Are you tired of rewriting data from your scanned documents? Is it too time-consuming and frustrating? We have a solution to your problem. We will use a simple App which you may even be using but you don’t know it’s this use. Confused? If yes, then we will take down your confusion by telling you the name of the App. The App is “Google Keep”. There are also Apps like Text fairy and CamScanner but we choose Google Keep because of its multi-functionality. Google Keep is one of the most used note making App which could even extract text from images. Some of you may be having this App in your Android Phones but won’t be aware of this feature of Google Keep. We will simply start with steps:

1. Open Your Google Keep App.

2. Import the image from which you want to extract the text and save it as a note. You can choose an image from Gallery or even click a picture.

3. Go to search icon and then choose images.

4. Go to the image which you imported and then search for 3 dots on the right corner of the image.

5. You will see an option of Grab Image text. Click it and your text gets copied as a new note.

Your text from image got copied. You can use this text and make a new document out of it in the same App only. Again look for three dots and it would contain option of Google Docs. Wasn’t that too easy? Yes, it was. We even had no need to download extra App. People mostly use Google keep as a note making App and who don’t can use this App instead of other note making Apps.


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