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Private IP Address And Public IP Address: What Do They Mean?

Internet Protocol (IP) address is a combination of numbers assigned to a device in a network used to locate or identify the device. Not going into its V4 and V6 versions and TCP/IP details, let us discuss in simple ways to understand a little more with just V4.

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) registers IP addresses. Some IP addresses are reserved by the authority for private use in private networking. - (16,777,216 addresses) - (1,048,576 addresses) - (65,536 addresses)

Public IP Address

Public IP address refers to the IP address that a system (or networking device) uses to connect to the internet. IP address has nothing to do with the privacy as it was developed primarily to communicate among systems by use of this address assigned to every system, which is transparency. You cannot have a postal address, for the purpose of delivering letters to your address and at the same time hiding your address to others. Does it make a better sense?

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Static IP

IP address can be static which means that the IP address is allotted permanently to a system (often with an extra cost from the ISP).

Dynamic IP

Dynamic means that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide according to available addresses each time the system connects to the internet.

You can see your public IP address from whatismyip website.

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Private IP Address

Private IP address is the IP address that a system used to connect with other systems in a private network in a Local Area Network (LAN) for instance.

To know your private IP and other configurations, type ipconfig command in the command prompt will enable to let you see your IP address and default gateway, which in most of the case is your router for a home network system (or a firewall in a bigger network).

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