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How To Wipe Data From Your Lost Android Device Remotely

Delete data from your lost Android device to protect privacy, maintain security and to avoid your data from being misused by others who have your device with them.

Follow these simple steps to have adequate remote administrator right for your Android device form your Google account:

1. Go to Google Settings app in your Android device. In the “Security” options, select the checkbox “Allow remote lock and factory reset” option.

2. Confirm by checking that “Remotely locate this device” option is already selected. You also need to check “Allow remote lock and factory reset” option. Grant permission to wipe data remotely, from the pop-up window that comes up.

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3. Sign in to Google account and go to “Find Your Phone”, in the account.

4. You will see list of devices in your account..

5. On clicking any of the devices, you will be prompted to confirm log in

6. From there, you will see a page with options for your device   - “Ring”, “Lock” and “Erase”, from which you can select an action you want to perform remotely.

 “Erase” option will take present you a new pop-up window for confirmation on affirmation of which data will be erased and your device will reset remotely. The “Lock” option enables you to lock your lost device with another new password which will protect your data from being accessed by other person.

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