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How To Set Default Search Engine In Your Browser: Easy 2 Steps

Here are the simple steps to change or set default Search Engine in a browser; explained for - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Beta and Inter Explorer 11.

Google Chrome

 1. Click the Customize icon on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.

2. Go to Settings-> Search. From there you can select your search engine and make it default. If you don’t find your search engine, click on Manage search engines. From the option, you can search and install your engine as an add-on. And remember to Make it Default.

Mozilla Firefox

1. In Mozilla browser click the the Menu option located in the right upper corner. Click on the Options.


2. Go to Search tab on the right in the window. In the Default Search Engine you can select search engine of your choice. If your search engine is not there, you can install it as an add-on from the Add-ons from the Menu option mentioned in the beginning (step no.1).


Internet Explorer 11 (IE)

1. In IE 11, click on the search icon located in the address bar to open a drop down menu. You can select your search engine from there.

2. If you don’t find your search engine, you can install that as an add-on from Manage add-on from the settings option.

You have seen that the procedures are quite simple and similar in all the three browsers. Indeed, they are.

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