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How To Schedule E-Mail In Your Gmail Account

Schedule emails in your gmail account! Do not miss on important emails when you are suppose to send.

We tend to forget to send important emails in due time like, for example, birthday, business routine emails, anniversary, etc. Today, we have brought for you an efficient method to do away with those mistakes. For availing various features of managing you gmail inbox including email scheduling, you need to use boomerang extension in your browser.

1. Open boomerang website and click on “Add this to your Gmail!”.

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2. In the pop-up window, click “Add Extension” so that the extension gets added to your browser and account.

3. A boomerang icon will appear beside the address bar. Now, log in to your gmail account to schedule your email. Boomerang will take you to a start-up tour. You may also skip the tour. Alternatively, you can click on the boomerang icon in the browser when you are logged in to your account.

4. On composing email you will notice a “Send Later” option behind the “Send” option as shown in the screenshot below.

5. Click on the “Send Later” option, and choose the schedule options carefully. Now the email will be ready for dispatch in the due time as scheduled by you.

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Moreover, boomerang extension provides you with a lot of features in addition to just scheduling emails. Take the tour, and read up to make full use of it.

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