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How To Personalize Your Run Command window?

There are many ways to custom set program of your choice to be run with command of your choice. We will discuss one of them here.

To have a better understanding and retain the procedure in memory, let us tell you broadly what we are about to do. We will first create a shortcut of the program we want to create a shortcut of. Then we will keep the name of (or change it) of the shortcut as the command to string to launch the program by keeping the shortcut in windows folder.

Now follow these simple steps:

1. Right click desktop then select New->Shortcut. You will get a window popped up on the desktop in which you need to locate the program for which you will create a shortcut.

2. In our case, we are going to browse to the Google Chrome browser location and create a shortcut for the same. Most of the programs are found in C:\Program Files. Confirm the location of your program first. In our case Google Chrome is has the pathway C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Application\chrome.exe. Then click Next.

3. You can give a name of the shortcut that is created on the desktop. Remember that the name you give will be the command string. In our case, we have name ‘cr’ for Chrome.

4. Now, copy the shortcut and paste it in the ‘Windows’ folder, generally in C: directory.

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You are ready for run command now.

5. Open run option or ‘cortana’ and type the string command or name you have set for the program. In our case it was ‘cr’ and press enter. Bling! your program will open now.


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