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How To Know The Secret Sites Your System Connects?

Is your system running slower on the connectivity where the bandwidth is good enough? Do you doubt if there is any bandwidth eater in the background, malware or something? Read our tech tips that will explain you how to ascertain apps/programs with connections and close if necessary, in easy steps.

We have brought simple tips to explain how you can get hold of the connections in the background, which eats up a lot of connecting bandwidth, in your PC.

The idea is to run the command prompt in elevated mode and working the netstat, with parameters abf.

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netstat command (derived from "network statistics") fetches the system’s incoming and outgoing network connections, routing tables, including network interfaces  and protocol statistics. The information will then be displayed on the monitor. And functions of its parameters are given below:

Now that you have much knowledge to proceed to the steps, let us do it.

1. Type cmd in Cortana to locate the “Command Prompt” or cmd.exe file. When you locate cmd.exe file, hover your mouse over it and right-click.

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2. From the options that come off the right-click, select “Run as administrator”, which will enable you to run commands in elevated mode as it is required for running netstat command with parameter –b. Alternatively, you can press Shift+Ctrl+Enter on the Command Prompt/cmd.exe.

3. Type netstat –abf and press enter. In few seconds your display will be filled with results of the command.

4. With the results, you will be able to see the applications and connections that your PC is making. You can verify the authenticity of the connections using its addresses and the applications by a combination of methods like IP lookup and application location search in your system to ascertain the mother-ship/program. On verifying, you can manage in the task manager and disable the process or in the task scheduler to disable or stop the process. You can take screen-shots of the results for further reference too. Isn’t that easy?

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