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How To Keep Your Android Device Unlocked When Needed

Don’t you want to keep your android device unlocked when safe at home? Read our tech tip to know how to use the Google service in android to keep your android device unlocked at trusted places that you set. There are also other parameters that you can set, see the tips.

Most of us have gone through the stage of irritation where you have to make the pattern lock or the security PIN in your device over hundred times a day, while in the safe home. Google has a service for Android 5.0 that features keeping your device unlocked at given parameters that you can set – geolocation, nearby Bluetooth device, voice etc.

Here is the simple step by step procedure.

1. Open “Settings” from the pull down menu from upper right screen. Tap on “Security”.

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2. You can see the “Smart Lock” option. If you are unable to see the option, tap on “Trust agents” option, to enable Google Smart Lock service.

After selecting the service, you should be able to see the “Smart Lock” option in the “Security” Screen.

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3. You will be greeted with confirmation page and pattern or PIN lock to verify. Finally, you will be find the “Smart Lock Screen” where there are lots of options which are self explanatory.


From here you can set your device to trust according to parameters (options)- device, place, face, voice and body-detection. Accordingly, go on with the easy steps of setting the parameters. To know more about the Smart Lock features you can read up more in the
Google support page.

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