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How To Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu: Easy Way Out

Windows 10 is great and smooth with me at least till now. But the Start Menu that comes with a bunch of default tiles and sizes are not as I require it. So let us see how to customize the Start Menu as per our requirements and preferences.

Resize the Start Menu

To resize the start menu vertically, hover over either the upper edge of the start menu, to resize horizontally hover the right edge of the start menu, and drag as per your requirement


Remember that there is minimum space requirement that is default and also as required according to the tiles content and their size chosen. You may not be able to reduce the size from a minimum standard.

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Resize the Tiles in the Start Menu

Resizing individual tile is simple. You just need to right-click over any tile select Resize ->(Choose from various options) Small, Medium, Wide or Large.

Tiles in the Start Menu – Remove or Add

To remove is to Unpin from Start and to add is to Pin to Start. You can right-click over any tile in the start menu and select Unpin from start. You can Pin to Start almost any stuffs – folder, shortcut, program etc. by right-clicking over them and selecting Pin to Start.

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Start Settings

There is lot of things that you can do with themes, colors and personalize the Start Menu in the Start Settings. Type Start Settings in the Cortana or search field and go into it.



See what all you can do with the Start Settings, and let us know what you did. Leave comments and share this knowledge with all your near and dear ones. Come back for more tech tips!


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