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How to Cast your Android Screen?

Do you like to see the screen of your Android device in your smart TV screen? Here is how to cast your Android device screen on smart TV.

Screen cast is almost a similar concept as screen shot. Whereas the later takes image of the static screen, the former captures the video usually with audio features. We have brought two methods of casting your Android device screen on smart TV.

TV Screen Cast Features:

Almost all Smart TVs like Samsung’s have the screen cast features that enable to cast Android devices with 4.4.2 or later versions.

1. Make sure that the Wifi of the TV is switched on.

2. From the Pull Down Menu from Android device home screen, tap on Screen Cast.

3. You will see the available display devices (in our case the smart TV).

4. Tap on the display device and you will see the screen of your Android device casted on the TV.

Using Screen Cast Device:

There are many screen cast devices  like Google ChromecastMirascreenAllshare and Ezcast. Here, we will just show you how to do it in Google Chromecast.

1. First of all, your Chromecast device and your Android device should be in the same Wifi network.

2. Install the Google Chromecast app in your device and open it.

3. Tap on the “More” menu from the top left corner. Then, on the “Cast Screen Option”.

4. Now, select the device to Chromecast. Your device will be screen casted in a moment.

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