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How To Access your WiFi Router Settings: Amazingly Simple Ways

Wifi router comes with software, from the factory, from which settings can be viewed and changed. You will have to get access of the router software, also called Firmware, to view and change settings in it.

Here is how to do it in easy steps.

1. You can access router through any browser. In the browser URL field, type the router IP address and press enter or click go. Almost all routers are set IP address by default. But prior to access, you can also get confirmed of the router IP through command prompt. Run command prompt and type ipconfig in the command prompt to see the Default Gateway IP which is the router IP address.


2. You will be required to provide authentication before logging into the router.

The UserName and Password that comes as default from the manufacturer are admin and admin for many of the routers like Tplink and Dlink. But refer to the manufacturer specifications and user manual for this. For better security and privacy it is highly recommended to change the user name and password thereafter.

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3. Once logged into your router, there will be a lot of things you can do with your router like – account settings, manage wireless network, security, update firmware, backup settings just to mention a few. Also see guides, tutorials and manuals available for further understanding of each features and sub-features.

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