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10 most needed Keyboard Shortcut Keys to start using in browsers

Using keyboard shortcuts during browsing can help speed up work. Once habitual of it, using shortcuts is also much more convenient than shifting one of your hands to and fro from keyboard to the mouse. We bring some shortcut keys for you to start with.

Keyboard shortcuts differ with browsers and OS. For Mac users, mostly the ctrl key can be replaced with cmd key. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts common for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Some tab and window shortcut keys are:

1. To open a new browser window – Ctrl+N

2. To open a new browser tab – Ctrl+T

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3. Close tab – Ctrl+W

4. Close current browser – Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4

You may also want to shift between tabs in current browser tab. Here is a list. You may shift tabs in two ways – by assigning tab number counted from the left or by switching adjacent tabs.

5. Tab switching by number – Ctrl+1 upto Crtl+8

(Here 2 is the tab number as counted from left). Ctrl+9 takes you to the last tab in an active window.

6. Tab switching to adjacent right or left – Ctrl+Tab or Shift+Ctrl+Tab.

If you want to open a previously closed Tab (Chrome remembers 10 tabs)

7. Reopen closed tab – Ctrl+Shift+T

8. If you want to search (Find bar) in a page - Ctrl+F

9. History look up – Ctrl+H

10. Bookmark a page – Ctrl +D

With the current available data for -
Chrome users over 74 % and Firefox users about 17%
Windows users at about 79% and Mac users at over 10%
Hope that we have covered the majority.

We would like to encourage you to look up for more resources and make yourself knowledgeable and empowered with updated skills.

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