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What USB Debugging Is , And When To Or Not To Use?

USB debugging is a familiar term you surely must have come across, which is a privilege of the PC connected to an android device to have full control over the device. When is debugging required and when not good to leave it enabled is explained in our tech tip article in simple language.


USB Debugging is a mode for an Android device to interact, via USB, with a computer having Android SDK (Software Developer Kit). The SDK system has the privilege over the Android device to give command and transfer data including important ones.

How to Know?

Whenever Android device is connected via USB to a system, the device seeks the user’s permission and preference for the same with a pop-up menu similar to the one given below.


At the developer’s level, this feature is much needed to enable data transfer, fetching log etc. USB debugging also enables SDK (Software Developer Kit) to run commands through PC, or to recover data and control a device with, for example, broken screen by the use of ADB (Android Debug Bridge).


Leaving an Android device with USB debugging enabled exposes the device when connected to a system. The device is safe as long as it is connected to only the home PC and if you use SDK and ADB, you will prefer to keep debugging enabled. The danger comes into play when you forget to disable it and put the device for charging at unknown system ports or public facilities. In the said condition, your device has the vulnerability to be controlled by someone to not only access and transfer data and log but also leave malwares and the sorts. But in normal condition, the confirmation will still be required if you connect the device to other system where you must not tap blindly (as a habit).

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you do not normally require USB debugging at the user level, which is why the manufacturer sells the device with the feature disabled. And if you happen to require USB debugging enabled due to some application testing or anything, please do not forget to keep it disable.

Be aware, keep your device safe. Leave comment, share this knowledge with your friends and come back for more tech tips.


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