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MacBook Clean Up with DaisyDisk

Is there large amount of space in you MacBook and when you try to save a file, it says low disk space? Here is how to clean up your MacBook using Daisy Disk.

Your MacBook disk space needs regular checks and clean-up like any other device to clear unnecessary data – unused files, cookies and other temporary files etc. that eat up disk space.

Lots of applications are available online which you may try or use. And among them, here is an app that claims to be the best in 2015 - DaisyDisk. Its sunburst interface and simple to use features are plus points.

Although the app doesn’t come free of cost, trial version is available for limited period.

Here is how to clean up disk space in your MacBook using DaisyDisk.

1.  First you’ll need to download the DaisyDisk app and install in your MacBook.

2. Open the DaisyDisk app in your MacBook. Click the scan drop-down menu and select Scan as Administrator option. By administrator scan option, you will be priviledged to view Hidden spaces on your MacBook.

3. You can repeat the steps to remove other unnecessary (junk) folders and files.

*  Be cautious not to play around with the System folder or any other files unfamiliar to you. Mistake in file removal may lead to functionality problem with your Mac device.

Share this knowledge with your friends and near & dear ones who uses MacBook and come back to us for more tech-tips. Till then, Happy Mac Cleaning.


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