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How To Turn Your Webcam Into A SpyCam

You can turn your webcam into a spy-cam very easily and keep track of what is going on in your room, office or any other space you like to monitor from anywhere through internet. All you need is a system with webcam and internet connection. See the simple way through which you can carry out the task of turning your webcam into a webcam.

There is couple of online services available such as iSpyconnect and UGOlog. They almost provide services basically of video recording, and ability to access of the video file online. Other additional functions like time-set video recording, automatic upload to YouTube or surveillance activation of motion sensing mode etc. are available with iSpy.

Here is a screen shot of UGOlog homepage.

UGOlog provides online application service and thus do not need additional software to be installed in your PC.

UGOlog services can be availed free for a limited period of a fortnight (refer to UGOlog website for more details and changes, if any) which means that you do not have spend money initially.

UGOlog comes with additional functions like email alerts, motion detection, and interval snapshots. All you have to do is create an account and you can go through installation guide tour, and access your webcam remotely by logging into your account.

For iSpyconnect too, the procedures features are almost the same, may be more features that you may like. It provides a free 15 days trial (refer to iSpyconnect website for more details and changes, if any). It also has ample amount of features. You may like to give it a try.

Try both! And choose the better one; if you don’t like both, you still get about a month of Spy cam service.

Share this knowledge with your friends and let them ask for more. Come back to us for more tech-stories and tips. Till then, try on the Spy-cams.


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