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How To Take Screen Shot Of iPad and iPhone

Screen Snapshot or in short Screeshot is an image of the screen, as it appears, of your iPhone or iPad device at the time when the snap shot is taken.

Follow these simple steps:-

1. Get ready to press two buttons at a time. Ready? Press the power/sleep/wake button (at the top-right of the device; also) and the Home button (below the screen) at the same time. The procedure may be little uncomfortable while during some busy event or during a game worth taking a screen shot.

2. You will observe that the screen flashes at once which is an indication that the snap shot of the screen has been captured (camera shutter sound, if set may also be heard at once),

3. The screenshot (image) is saved in your Photos app in the location named Camera Roll.

4. To retrieve the screenshot that is captured, go to Home page and tap the Photos App icon. Then tap on Camera roll icon.

5. The screenshot can be found at the bottom of the Photos tab (the leftmost option along the bottom of the screen).

Now, you can send/ share it with whoever you want to share with by tapping at the screenshot image to select/open it, and then tapping at the sharing icon (the upward pointing arrows from a square at the top left.)

You can also send it via message, mail, twitter or any app for that matter, to anyone you intend to send.

Share this knowledge with your family, friends, and near & dear ones and let them ask for more. Come back to us or recommend to them for more tech-tips. That’s how knowledge will spread. Happy screenshooting!


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