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How To Schedule Whatsapp Message

Techiax brings a simple procedure to schedule your Whatsapp message using Whatsapp Scheduler App. Now let's get into work.

1.        Download and Install Whatsapp Message Scheduler app (Click Here to Download).

2.         Run the app where it will ask permission for rooting the device. Accept and grant the permission (a lot easier than rooting your device through separate procedures!)

3.         Click on the Pencil Icon on the top right corner, and then clock again on the Whatsapp contact. Click date time and carefully select your settings.

4.         To schedule Whatsapp message, Click on the add button. Then, add your text message that you want to be sent. Cautiously, fill up all the fields to avoid problems in the future.

5.         You should be seeing pending status in Whatsapp by now. Don’t worry, the app will send when the message is due.

6.         Also check if your device date and time is correctly set. Make corrections accordingly.

7.         You will get notification on successful sending of a scheduled message.

Please Note.   

* Root permission is a must for the application to run.

* Correct date and time setting on your device will avoid unnecessary problems, and may be embarrassment!

* Mobile data is on or a Wifi is connected during the procedures and at the time when the message is scheduled (due time).

Share knowledge with your near and dear ones and let them ask for more and then come back to us for more stories. For now, happy message scheduling!


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