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How To Remove Virus From Your PC Without The Use Of Anti-Virus

Virus can intrude into your system in many ways. Without the use of an Anti-Virus, three ways to remove Virus from the system are discussed below.

Using Command Prompt

1. Press Win+R keys Run windows will open type cmd and press Shift+Enter, to run the command prompt in elevated mode (Admin level). Command prompt window will now be open.

2. Assuming that D drive is the location from where you want to remove Virus, type dir D: attrib -s -h /s /d *.* then press enter. Command prompt will explore the D drive and load all files.

3. Observe and notice unusual file.exe and autorun.inf. Rename using the command rename filename.extension new filename. The drive will not be affected by Virus now, and you can access it safely.

4. Now, using command prompt, go to suspect file location and change the attribute of the file as discussed using command and then delete the file.

Disable Suspicious Services From The Task Manager

1. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc and end all suspicious services under services section.

2. Start MSConfig from run window (Win+R) by typing msconfig and pressing enter.

3. In MSConfig window, click on the Services tab and you can uncheck any suspicious service from the list.

4. You can also start Task Manager from the “Startup” menu, open Task Manager. From the list, right clicking on any item can open up a lot of options – disable the process, or find path to the file so that you can delete it.

Online Virus Scan

Online virustotal provides free scan of virus for files and particular URL or a whole site.
You may have to visit the site and see for yourself the simple steps to scan for virus online.

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