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How To Make Chromebook Out Of Old Computer

Do not throw away your old systems just because they seem to be outdated or a little old. Turn your old PC and laptop into fast Chromebook.

Old PC and laptop are generally faster or at par with Chromebook of these days.

Here, we bring to you simple procedures through which you can turn your old PC or laptop into a good Chromebook.

1. Download Neverware

Go to the website and download Chrome OS. The service is free for personal use (refer to website for change, if any) and with updates. Among the two versions – 32 bits and 64 bits, it is like to be better with 32 bits for older systems.

2. Install Neverware on USB drive

Make a bootable USB drive from the downloaded software. The website explains quite effectively for Installing the Neverware software to a drive, which is carried out by installing the Chromebook Recovery Utility plug-in from the Google Chrome Web Store. With the Utility, create a bootable drive with a 16 or 8 GB USB drive.

3. Boot from the USB drive Using Boot Menu

Turn off the PC, plug in the bootable USB installer you created. While powering on the computer tap the special key, which is displayed for a short while at the splash screen, that will lead you to boot settings. The special key to enter the boot menu is different depending on the machine. In the boot menu, choose the option “Boot from USB drive” on top of other options (Hard Disk Drive or whichever).

4. Install Chrome OS

Chrome installation will simply take you step by step. You choose from two options - either as a full Chromebook or as a dual boot machine besides the current OS in the computer. You can also install the OS to a USB drive to make it super portable.

5. Use your Google account to Sign in

Once Chrome OS is installed and connected to the Wifi you can log in using your Google account. Now, you are ready to use the Chromebook made out of your old PC.

Share this tech-tip with others and help save old working gadgets from lying around idle. Come back to us for more tech-tips. See you in the next story.


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