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How To Install Linux Bash Shell on Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 has a Linux sub-system for windows feature. Here is how to get it set up and run Linux Bash Shell on your Windows 10.

You need to have latest insider preview built of windows 10.

1. Go into your settings app on your PC. Open the update and security pane

2. Go to advanced options (If not joined windows insider program yet) and get to the section to get inside your preview built. In the Preview built set to a fast rate.

3. Go back to the update and security pane, click on for developers tag. Make sure your device is signed up set up for developer mode. The procedure will only work if you are in developer mode.

4. Now, close settings app. Look up windows features then open up the control panel setting for turn on and off win features, scroll down to windows subsystem for Linux (Beta), check that and click ok.

This will direct your system to windows store and install required apps, and ask for restart. Restart the PC.

5. Launch command prompt type bash

6. Then press y and enter to download required data and install Ubuntu in your system

7. Once installation is completed, you are actually having bash running on  your Windows. Search for bash  and launch bash on ubuntu on windows.

*Please note that this feature is better used only for development machines. Insider built, being at the developmental stage, is like to have bugs that’ll break the way you system works. You might want to wait till Microsoft releases a more stable version.

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