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How to Hide Your IP Address Online

Hide your identity and location details by concealing your IP online. Read our tips on how to hide IP online.

Don’t you want to protect your privacy while working online like your location and  identity details? Hide your IP address online. To know how to hide your IP online, read the following topic carefully.

1. VPN Proxy Method

You can use a VPN proxy service, which is considered the best way to hide IP address during internet sessions. We will introduce you two Highly reliable and popular VPN proxy services in the following paragraphs.

Hide My Ass VPN - Very popular and trusted VPN service with proxy server to enable clients to easily hide their IP address and maintain online privacy.


VyprVPN – Claimed to be world’s fastest VPN services using a proxy and supports wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


2. Online Proxy Servers

Very popular way to hide IP address online. Users are not required to install any program as this is an online service. Some of the websites offering free services are -

www.proxysite.com , www.newipnow.com , www.filterbypass.me

As these are free service, they are generally loaded and sluggish. You are also like to encounter ads pop-ups as they might not provide you with security SSL encryptions.

3. Browser Configured Proxies

You can also assign IP address of one open source proxy servers (available online) and configure your browser for IP mask. As with any open services, they might be very slow not live.

Now, tell your friends that they can hide their identity and location details while using the internet, and they are not mandated to disclose everything everywhere. And also tell them how, as we have shared this knowledge. Come back for more tech-tips and stories. Take care, See you.


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