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How to Hack WiFi Password On Android

Hack and reveal Wifi password using android device! Do not use it for illegal and undesirable intentions. Read our tech-tips.

Learn these simple steps to recover your Wifi password using android device and app.
This software has been developed to test vulnerability and research purpose. Do not use it for other unwanted and illegal purposes.

1. Install WIFI WPS WPA TESTER in your android.

2. Launch the app and it will start scanning all available Wifi networks.

3. Now you will see the list Wifi networks detected by the app. Check the colour of the lock on the right side of the Wifi networks. Green lock means the Wifi can be hacked whereas red colour means it cannot be hacked.

4. Tap on a green coloured lock. Click on the Connect option in the info pop-up window.

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5. Select any - Root or No Root option. You will, now, see a list of PIN which will work as tool to intrude into the Wifi networks by a method called PIN injection method. Choose one of the PINs and click the Connect option.

6. It will take a few seconds to carry out the PIN attack into the Wifi network. If the PIN works a pop-up window will show the Wifi details including the password. If not, then try the other PINs too, one of them will work in most of the cases.

We would like to remind you again, “Please do not use this technique for illegal or undesirable intentions; this is for research and vulnerability check of network.”

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