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How To Extend Your Home WiFi

Extend Wifi throughout your home and yards! There are many options to choose from. Read through these options and see which one fits best according to your budget and need.

Read these simple methods from which you can choose one that is cost effective or relevant for you to extend your home Wifi network.

1. WiFi Repeaters or WiFi Extenders

Simplest and one of the cheapest method to extend your Wi-Fi network is install range extenders. These small units are generally plug and play devices that can be plugged into an electrical outlet and then configured to repeat the signal from your current Wi-Fi source. They are cost effective but only if you do not get much bandwidth. There are many such devices available in online retails like Amazon.com or Flipkart.com.

2. Wi-Fi Access Points

Installing WiFi access points all over your big home including yards is a high-performance based option. There are also options that vary much with the performance and the budget too.

3. Using routers as Access Points

Routers, majority of them, have the capability to serve as wireless Access Point LAN connection to the port of your main router. This option is best exercised when you have spare unused router, and also has the advantage over dedicated access point devices in its availability of multiple ports for further extension which is not available, generally, in access point devices.

4. Using Powerline

Powerline adapters come in pairs, and they use the existing power line in the house as Ethernet carrier medium. They are sold by many brand manufacturers like Netgear, Linksys, and TP-Link.

5. Wireless Mesh Network

This option demands budget and efforts, but may be the best option if you can squeeze the best out of it. Suitable for home or office where there is wired Ethernet throughout, this mesh network works on the fundamental that every user also becomes the provider of the network in mesh-topology.

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