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How To Enable Blocked Mouse Right-Click On Any Website

You might have come across with this experience of your mouse being blocked of right-click on some websites. This feature is very common in secured sites.

Most of the websites make use of JavaScript to block right-click on your mouse which is a client-side scripting, meaning that the function is all undertaken from within your system.

Disabling JavaScript will solve most of the instances of blocked mouse right-click. Here is how to do it.

Google Chrome

1. Click “Menu” button on the right upper corner, then select Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Content Settings (in Privacy).

2. From here, you can opt “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”, and click “Done” to effect the changes you made.

For Internet Explorer

1. From “Settings”, go to Internet options ->Security(Tab)->Custom level.

2. Scroll down to the “Scripting of Java applets” options. From there you can select “Disable” to completely disable or “Prompt” to enable notification before running JavaScript.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to the Menu bar, click on Tools -> Options.

2. In the Options window, click on the Content tab, uncheck the option which says “Enable JavaScript” and click on “OK”.

The menus, options and tabs might be a little different with other browsers that we have not discussed here. But the main purpose is same – to disable JavaScript. Thereafter, the blocked mouse right-click should be working.

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And please do not forget to again enable the JavaScript to avoid incorrect rendering of web pages in the browser later on.

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