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How to Detect a Web Proxy

Uncover the concealment and know when someone is using a web proxy. Be aware before becoming a victim to frauds.

In one of our previous tech-tips “Anonymous Surfing Of Internet”, we have discussed how to use proxy service. Proxy service is generally used to hide the actual IP address of a web user to maintain online privacy. However, there is possibility that the service may also be practiced for – online frauds to hide location, bypass geo-positional restrictions undesirable people.

To avoid internet users falling prey to illegitimate use of proxy services, it is necessary to identify if an IP address is proxy or a MAC address is spoofed. Proxy service detection enables a user to be aware of an IP address being anonymous.

How to Detect Web Proxy?

There are many sites providing proxy detection services. You can use any of the sites that provides proxy detection services. Here we will be showing how to do it in WhatIsMyIPAddress.

1. Go to WhatIsMyIPAddress

2. Now, enter the IP address that needs to be checked for using proxy address and click Lookup IP Address.

3. Results will be shown somewhat similar to the screenshot below.

4. The “Confirmed proxy server” status may vary depending on the IP address that you are looking up.

Share this knowledge with all and remain safe from frauds and unwanted troubles. Come back for more tech-tips.


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