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How To Convert Whatsapp Chat Into Text Only Files

Convert Whatsapp chats into simple text files and get stored in a low data format. Doesn’t it sound interesting? We unveil easy step by step procedure to convert Whatsapp conversation into .txt format.

The procedures are very simple and all you just need is to email the chat and the file converts into text file.  You also need to have email account and email app installed.

Follow the step by step simple procedure, given below, to convert WhatsApp Conversation Into .TXT Format –
1. First of all open Whatsapp and then a chat in it that you want to convert to text file. Tap in upper right corner options (three vertical dots). Tap “more” option.
2. Now simply tap on the “Email chat” option.

3. Select email of your choice which you have access to, and tap on the selected email.

4. If there are media file in the chat, then the application will give you options to attach the conversation with or without media. Select “Without Media” option.

5. Now, the email app will open in the drafting stage. From here, you can keep the draft with the conversation files in text format. Or alternatively, you can forward it to any address, including your self address for an email in you inbox.

6. Now, you know better what to do thereafter. You download the file and open the file with a simple text editor like ES Note Editor, WPS Office or even html viewer.

Share this technique with your near and dear ones. Keep visiting us, as this is not the last story. See you soon!


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