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How to Access your Android Device when screen is broken or Damaged

Today, we bring you a method to gain access into android device with the help of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) when its screen is broken or badly damaged.

Follow these simple procedures step by step:-

This method will only work if you enable debugging via on your android device. Enable it now!

1. Download the Android SDK package on your PC. Choose carefully to download the correct software and version for your OS. Then install the software in your PC.

Also download driver for you device from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) website.

2. Open Command Prompt on your PC and change the directory to the directory where ADB file resides.


3. Type the following commands after changing the directory.

cd C:/android/platform-tools

4. Now connect your Android phone to your PC using via USB and type in the following command.

adb device

Some numbers in will be seen in the Command Prompt message if your device is recognized.

5. Type in the following two commands. Type  in the second command just after the first command. Replace **** in the first command line with your actual password.

adb shell input text ****

shell input keyevent 66

Share this knowledge with your friends in need and come back to us for more tech-tips. Don’t forget to enable debugging via USB in your android device.


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