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Xiaomi’s Drone with 4K Camera Priced at $455 Launched

Xiaomi, launched its high end drone equipped with a 4K camera at a jaw-dropping price of $455 invoking a fierce market competition for other drone manufacturers like DJI, the market leader, whose 4K drone price is $800.

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer launched its highly equipped drone at a jaw-dropping price invoking a fierce market competition for other drone manufacturers like DJI, the market leader, whose 4K camera drone price is $800. Xiaomi’s Mi drones are priced at 2499 CNY (appx. $380) for the budget model with a 1080P camera and 2999 CNY (appx. $455) for the high-end model equipped with a 4K camera.

Xiaomi is working with China-based Flymi, that manufactures the devices and Xiaomi is selling under its brand cover in its network including the online store Mi.com.

Mi Drone can fly for 27 minutes a session upto a range of 3km, equipped with 5,100 mAh battery. The performance of Mi drones are at par with those of DJI, which fly for 23-28 minutes depending on the model. The model is also equipped with a 360-degree camera capable of shooting 4K video.

A handheld remote console capable of integrating with a smartphone for live-video view from the drone. It is likely that it is of modular design with possibility of replacing the battery and the console.

To make easier for new users of tracking and keeping control of drones a virtual fence can be earmarked by Mi drones. If the drone crossed the virtual fence it will fly back to the position where it was launched.

Although, the Mi drones will likely not come to Indian market due to government’s draft drone policy, let’s hope it gets amended.

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26 April 2018 at 10:16

As we know that the drone uses for making the video and photograph of the object which is far away from us but there is also one fact is available to find of the drone and this fact is the non camera drones there are lots of drones are sailing in the market which has no camera or they can’t be used for making the video and photos.