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What is Amazon’s Echo and Alexa?

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled hands-free speaker which connects to the Alexa Voice Service for playing music, providing information, news, weather etc. almost instantly. Voice command is all that you have to give Echo.

Here is a detailed diagram of Echo.

With seven microphones and beam forming technology, Echo can hear you from across the room even with the noise of music. Echo has amazingly tuned speaker to fill any room with 360° immersive sound. The wake word is "Alexa" and "Echo" as the wake word, you can also set different wake words for different Echo’s.

Inspired by a hackathon project last year the service is open anyone with an Amazon account
Amazon also has a web app that lets Alexa right in your browser. Visit www.echosim.io to see skills of Alexa with volleys of questions/commands online.

Alexa - the brain behind Echo - is based on the cloud and so ever upgrading- more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences; updates are delivered automatically.

Here’s how Alexa responded to our expert’s questions -

Please find a Frying Pan – Fry pan added to your shopping list.
Alexa, find a Kitchen Knife, medium in size - Kitchen knife added to your shopping list.
Alexa, thank you – You are welcomed.
Alexa, I love you - Thanks, it's good to be appreciated.
Are you a rascal - I can't find an answer to the question I heard.
Alexa, marry me - I like our relationship the way it is.
Alexa, marry me (repeated) - I can't do that.
Alexa, marry me (repeated) - Let's just be friends.
Instead of kitchen knife, add flower basket, remove kitchen knife - Flower basket added to shopping list.

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