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Top Best Apps to test your Android's Hardware features and performance

Hardware components are some of the most complicated things that common people cannot examine at ease. But you would like to test your android's features if you have bought a new phone or you would like to test its performance. But it is quite hard if you are doing all the testing by yourself. However with the list of apps that we have provided below you could perform the testing easily. These apps would provide all the details you need to know about your hardware performance.

Z-Device test

Z-Device test app provides you with full in-depth analysis of your phone. It has features to test every hardware component like camera, sensors, battery and lots more. It provides lots of features for rare sensor also, which may be found in only some phones. You will be pleased to take a look at this and you will be amazed by its features.

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Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is also a wonderful app to give in-depth information about your android. And this app does lots of different varieties of test on your hardware components. It supports many basic hardware parts and it does quite a good work.

Antutu Tester

Antutu Tester provides results for some of the hardware components like screen, battery and touch sensitivity. But this app provides good in-depth information about the components stated above. It would kind of look like this app is made for only those components. It is great to give a check on this.

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Phone Tester

Phone Tester is an another great app with a simple user interface. It provides good details about the most used hardware components. It doesn't provide great in-depth details. But it is good for many people who just look for basic hardware test

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