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Top Amazing cool gadgets for your Computer

Today there are lots of various devices that are available in the market that can make your working place attractive and cool. In this article we are going to give you some of the amazing gadgets available. These devices will blow your minds off and get yourself some of these gadgets.

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Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

A Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is a computer input device where the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto the surface.
Type like a pro from the keyboard. Put the future at your fingertips with this layer virtual keyboard.

Leap Motion Controller

Now, You can control your laptop or computer with your hands. It gives superpower to your hands to control it by shaking your hands.

Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the most amazing tech gadget that you will surely love to have. The wireless bluetooth speaker that have amazing design and can play your tracks wireless around you.

Fingerprint Security Scanner

This is considered as one of the best security devices. Make your computer reliable by making security on computer logins, files and folder from Fingerprint Security Scanner.

Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse

This is one of the cool tech gadget that have amazing features for gaming. The 4G laser sensor matches your mouse movement down to the exact pixel and offers the great gaming experience.

Encrypted Password USB and HardDisk

The best tech gadget to secure your data from the attackers via the external hardware password as it will become difficult for any attacker to crack the storage device password rather than breaking inner system passwords.

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