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How to use multiple accounts on Clash of clans, Whatsapp and all your apps

One of the big limitation of some of the great apps is that they don't allow multiple accounts to be used with that app. So switching between accounts become a hard burden. But here we have a solution in the form of an app to make the use of multiple accounts a pleasure. The name of the app is Parallel Space.
Many apps like snap chat, WhatsApp, clans of clans and many popular apps don't allow multiple accounts to use at the same. To use multiple accounts in the normal way we clear the app data or reinstall the app which takes lots of work. But you can do this work very easily in Parallel Space
It keeps a copy of the apps and by which you can run apps with multiple accounts simultaneously in android. And you would never recognize running of multiple accounts at this ease.

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First, download the Parallel Space app from Google Play Store.

Now open Parallel Space app where you could see the incognito installation, Control Center and + button at the bottom.

Incognito installation will allow you to install apps that won't appears on your home screen, and you can use it only from your parallel space app.

Control center consists of  settings, task manager and it is like a virtual environment of Android.

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When you press the + button you will be able to select the apps you want to make a clone into the parallel space app. That's it now you will be able to use a new account into the app you copied into the parallel space.

And you could also create a shortcut of the new account app to your home screen.

You could also use parallel space copy with your original app. In the multitasking view, you will find your copied app with suffix as parallel.

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Now you can easily swap between multiple accounts for the same app.

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