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How to Use Cool Fonts for Your Messages and Status in Whatsapp and Facebook

Make your friends gap-mouthed by using fantastic fonts in your messages and status for WhatsApp and Facebook. Here is how.

The method is applicable in Android platform. Idea is simple – Install Cool Font App and Share the texts in desired fonts with other applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. Just follow the simple procedures as given below:-

First, download the Cool Fonts Application from Google Playstore and install it in your Android device. Now launch the application on your android device.

Second, you can see the available cool fonts from which you may select the one you like the most.

Third, create message tests of your liking, which can even be a status message, that you desire to use on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Fourth, tap on the direct share button on the app with Facebook and WhatsApp to share the text that you selectively typed with your favourite font send it as desired.

Fifth and lastly, he text message with cool font is posted in your WhatsApp or Facebook which can further be shared with your friends.

Use these simple procedures to admire your friends and show off your technical ability.
You can share the Cool Font tests with other apps too, and also copy paste.

Share the knowledge with everyone that you feel worthy of sharing and let them keep asking for more of the tricks. Come back to us for more stories.


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