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Backup and restore your Whatsapp chats with Google drive in just a Click

Today WhatsApp is being used in almost all the smartphones. It has millions of users all around the globe. You will have lots of chat in your whatsapp app. But if you reset your phone or change your phone all your chats gets deleted. But don't worry, you could take the backup of all your chats in the google drive and you could restore it easily. And this backup takes place automatically. Now lets get into the steps to take backup of your chats.

Step 1: First, open the latest whatsapp app or get the latest Whatsapp from the google play store.
Step 2: Open your WhatsApp in your android and Go to the Settings -> Chat and call settings 

Step 3: Now you could see lots of options, you need to select the option of “Chat Backup” from there.

Step 4: Now you will see the option of “Backup”. Then, select the option of “Backup to Google Drive”.

Step 5: Select the interval for which you need your backup to taken automatically and connect your  WhatsApp to your Google account. Click on Backup Now to backup current chats to your google account in its drive.
Step 6: That's it, now all your chats will be automatically backed up every time at the specified interval. And your chats get restored automatically if you have lost your chats.

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